Zhang Man

M.A. (PhD Candidate)Zhang Man

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Institut für Sinologie
Hebelstr. 10
D-79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

Email: man.zhang@sinologie.uni-freiburg.de


Within the project, I am one of the database editors in charge of uploading and editing documents. In my day-to-day work, I take part in the collection of statistics on the reversal of unjust, false, and wrong cases in the provinces.

Additionally, I proofread Chinese documents and books that will be uploaded to our database. Currently, I am also teaching a graduate course covering readings from and about the Cultural Revolution.

My individual research consists of a case study of Jiangsu province. Through oral history interviews and consulting archival sources, I will explore the particularities of the transition in Jiangsu following the Cultural Revolution.