Our virtual exhibitions feature selected documents that we have encountered in our research or that are already searchable in our database. The documents are accompanied by short presentations in which we seek to interpret and contextualize the material.

In short, these exhibitions are meant to give a glimpse into our database and an idea of what kind of documents one might encounter there.



The Maoist Legacy Project presents the Zhongfa Directory

Download the Zhongfa Directory v.1.0 Introduction by Puck Engman and Yueran Tian In the massive paper flow connecting the bureaucratic network that is the Chinese Communist ...
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Five Injustices – From Small-Character Posters to Wrongful Execution

Menghan Yan (translation) Puck Engman (introduction) Nationwide rehabilitation of the political victims of the Cultural Revolution followed immediately upon the fall of the Gang of ...
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The Underground Party’s Destiny in Communist China

Guoqing Song The "underground party" (dixiadang 地下党) refers to a communist underground group that engaged in secret work – such as in collecting various kinds of intelligence, ...
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Role of the People’s Indignation in Generating Unjust Cases

Zhang Man After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, the Communist Party waged dozens of political campaigns. Following Mao Tse-Tung's directives on how ...
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Organization Work Bulletin and cadre re-education

Puck Engman Beginning in 1976 and with intensified effort after 1978, the returning senior leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organized the rehabilitation of ...
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The peculiarities of case reversal in Ningxia

Song Guoqing After the foundation of the PRC, the CCP frequently carried out political campaigns. The Cultural Revolution was the most traumatic among them. Following ...
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The bureaucratic organization of rehabilitation

Zhang Man The period of political rehabilitation and reversal of "unjust, false and wrong cases" (冤假错案) succeeding the Cultural Revolution would not have been possible ...
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