Workshop: Statistics, Categories, Politics

The Maoist Legacy will host the international workshop Statistics, Categories, Politics: Analyzing, Interpreting, and Visualizing Data in Recent Chinese History on October 4 and 5. From the workshop program:

Many sources on the recent Chinese past, such as archival documents and local gazetteers, include regional or national statistics that pose various problems for historians or social scientists. Instead of simply debunking this information as unreliable, several research projects have in recent years made critical use of this data to gather additional information on Chinese politics and society. In this workshop, we will address pertinent issues, such as handling data distortions and estimating uncertainty, aggregation and disaggregation of numbers based on contemporary classification schemes, the role of statistics in CCP knowledge production, and the role of case studies and geographical data to account for regional or local differences. Special emphasis will be given to preparing datasets and employing the use of computational and digital methods for analysis. This will be a hands-on workshop devoted to employing best practices with different kinds of sources and exploring new methods for critically understanding the recent Chinese past. Papers and presentations will subsequently be published as an aid for early career researchers.

Venue: Peterhofkeller, Room no. 4, Niemensstr. 10
Date: October 4-5, 2018